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HOW TO cut clip from an avi video

Suppose you have a large video, or movie and you want to send your friend just a clip from it. Well you will need to cut that clip out of the movie. First, find out at which time time starts the clip you wish to cut. Next, find out how long does it last.
For example, the clip starts at 00:51:42 (hours:minutes:seconds) and ends at 00:55:12. So the duration of the clip is 00:03:30.
Now open terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install ffmpeg

This will install the necessary software. Navigate to the folder where your movie/clip is located and type:

ffmpeg -i movie.avi -ss 00:51:42 -t 00:03:30 clip.avi

This will get you the desired clip. Now let me explain you the commands in short:

-i movie.avi - this is the input file
-ss hh:mm:ss - this is the time at which the extracted clip starts
-t hh:mm:ss - this is the duration of the clip
clip.avi - this is the output file

In case the clip size is still to large you can also use ffmpeg to reduce its size.
Click here to see how.

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